The rooms

We have 4 guest rooms which all have the same size and are equipped with a private shower room, separate toilet, air conditioning, mini refrigerator and wifi. The rooms give access to a private terrace, where you can enjoy your stay in total serenity. One room is completely fenced, so your precious pet has total liberty at your own spot, next to the big garden.

Discover the mood we created in the rooms to give you a great relaxing holiday and let you awake with a big smile every day. 

Rêves en rouge (Dreams in red): 

Dogs not accepted. Double bed. Large private terrace to the south.

Merveilles du Verdon (Beauties of the Verdon): 

Dogs not accepted. Big canopy bed. Large private terrace to the east. 


Rayons de tournesols (Shining of the sunflowers): 

Dogs not accepted. Only room with separate beds. Large private terrace to the east. 

Fragrances de lavande (Fragrances of lavender): 

Dogs accepted. Double bed. Very large private terrace to the west completely fenced. 


Le coeur VerDHon (VerDHon hart)

In our house we have a shared space where you can enjoy the colder evenings in company.

Here you can make usage of a small library and some parlor games. There’s also a small kitchen and some dishware at your disposal all the time.

In this area we also serve the daily breakfast from 8:30 am. The breakfast can be taken inside or outside. You can also choose whether you take your breakfast with other guests or just cozy in a private spot. For the early birds breakfast can also be served earlier.

We also like to take into account special wishes as for example allergies. Therefore we want to ask you to notify us about this before your arrival, so we can look for alternatives in time.

Swimming pool

We have a nice swimming pool of 8 by 4 meters.

Here you can enjoy the view of the beautiful natural park of the Verdon and lounge around in one of the relaxing chairs.

Dependable of the weather conditions the swimming pool will  be opened in May and closed end of October.


There’s a very large garden, still under construction, where you can search your own quiet corner.